Ramadan Kit

Our popular FREE Ramadan Kit is filled with a collection of coloring activities, posters, charts, and certificates of completion designed to help you and your child have a fun and focused Ramadan! If you need a PDF reader to view/print the downloadable resources on this page, you can download Adobe Reader for free.

Note: All materials shown here are copyrighted by Mini Mu’min Publications. You are free to download/view these materials for your personal (non-commercial) use, but please do not copy, alter, post online, and/or translate our materials without our consent. See our FAQ under the section heading “Copyright & Terms of Use” for additional details.

Coloring Activities

Fatimah's First Fasting Day: Coloring workbook cover image.

Coloring Workbook
(30 pages)

Included in our kit is a coloring workbook that reviews the adi’yaa and rules of fasting, as well as coloring Eid cards for gifting to family and friends!

Coloring Eid Cards
(5 different designs)

Your child can create their own personalized decorations with our Ramadan & Eid Mubarak banners. They can make the banner in their favorite colors, then add creative details like glitter or stickers to really make it special and unique!

NEW! Ramadan & Eid Mubarak Coloring Banners
(10 pages, 2 banners)

Du’a Posters

Help your child remember the supplications when sighting a new moon and after breaking the fast with our handy Du’a Posters!

Reminders & Trackers

Even the littlest ones can join in the fun with our Ramadan Road Map day tracker!

Ramadan Road Map

Fasting & Qur’an Charts

Our colorful fasting and Qur’an reading charts help keep your child on track and motivated during the month of Ramadan!

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of completion are a fun way to reward your child for all their efforts during this blessed month of fasting!

Eid Mubarak Cards

Spread Eid greetings with our collection of high print quality Eid cards! The large 4 x 6 size gives you plenty of space to write personal messages in each card, with a wide range of colors to choose from to suit your needs.

Note: These cards are high print quality, so please allow for a longer download time because of the larger file size. These are also full color prints, so please ensure that your printer is capable of high color printing before printing these.

NEW! Eid Mubarak Cards
(5 card designs included)

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