Publications with a Purpose

Our goal is to create Islamic books for children that present beneficial knowledge in a fun and engaging way- books that children can enjoy and parents can feel good about. Whether it is our Du’a Series storybooks, fun filled Coloring Workbook, or educational Preschool Skills Collections– you will find books that delight your child and enlighten their minds! Take a look at some of the special features you will find in each of our books.

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Detailed references included from the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah.

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Colorful illustrations without the use of human or animal images.

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Translation and transliteration of Arabic text for non-Arabic speakers.

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Highlighted keywords help your child focus on important points.

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Stories that plant the seeds of Islamic character that develop into daily habits.

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Rhymes and fun stories help your child learn Islamic concepts easily.

Best Seller’s Gallery

Click an image below to preview some of our best sellers, or visit Our Books page for previews of all the titles that we offer. Visit our Where to Buy page for purchasing options in the USA and abroad.

Ahmad Makes Adhaan (cover image)
Hameed's House (cover image)
Bilal's Bakery (over image)
Rasheed's Family Goes for a Ride (cover image)
Farah's & Sarah's Feelings (cover image)
Muhammed Goes to the Masjid (cover image)
Fatimah's First Fasting Day (cover image)
Waleed Wakes Up (cover image)

Multiple Formats Available

We offer several book formats to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Classic print books for those who prefer the rich experience of full color storybooks. Printable PDF e-books for those who prefer a digital format that they can print out as needed- as well as being a much lower cost option. Our Kindle e-books offer a seamless experience for Kindle users who want to add our books to their online library easily. Choose an option below that best suits your needs and start shopping!

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Print Books
Available through Amazon with special offers like FREE Shipping

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Printable PDF e-books
Available through Payhip with discounted set pricing- 75% OFF

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Kindle e-books
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Book Reviews and Parent Feedback

Find out how others feel about our Islamic books for kids with a sampling of reviews from websites/blogs, as well as feedback from Muslim parents who have used our products with their own children.

“Many Muslim parents are looking for that special book. One that engages their Muslim child. If it engages the parent as well while they are reading it to their children, then even better! Beautifully designed with Islamic morals and values portrayed in familiar situations and scenarios-Check. Price is right, and can be (previewed) online wherever you are in the world- Done. Website easy to remember- Yes. And surprise, there’s not just one of those special books, but many of them. Mashaa-Allah!” – Online Muslim Resources

“Many of their stories rhyme, which is a great way to help children remember words and begin to recognize word patterns… Another big plus about these books is that they are illustrated without the use of facial features! Beautiful, brightly colored, fun illustrations grace the pages of the books which makes the books very appealing mashaa-Allah. If you have never read any of the Mini Mu’min books, I think you and your child(ren) will enjoy them!…” – The Well Read Muslim

“Just a big thank you for the materials and look forward to what you have this year. I am teaching a simple program getting young Muslims (2-5 year olds) ready for Ramadan.”

Ann Malik

“Brilliant website…keep it up!”

Tasnim Patel